NICOLA TYSON Born in London in 1960 and now residing in New York, Nicola Tyson’s art encompasses themes of gender, identity and sexuality. Her work has graced audiences across the globe, carving a space for herself in the scene with her rebellious, attention-grabbing art.


CECILIA BÖNSTRÖM As Zadig & Voltaire’s long-time Creative Director, Cecilia Bönström has made a name for herself in the world of fashion. Turning inward for inspiration, she finds strength in her ability to positively impact others and continue to lead the brand in the right direction.


PHOEBE ENGLISH Phoebe English is renowned for her eponymous label that has championed sustainability since its inception in 2011. What began as a “tentative experiment” to see if she could sell clothes after graduating from Central Saint Martins quickly became a fully-fledged business distinguished by its timeless and ethical designs.


HANNE GABY ODIELE Having been scouted by a model agent at the age of 17, Hanne Gaby Odiele instantly made prestigious runway appearances for major names such as Rodarte, Thakoon and Marc by Marc Jacobs. Identifying as intersex, they are committed to breaking the taboo, speaking out against intersex genital mutilation, and increasing wider understanding on what it really means to be intersex.


EMILY MAE SMITH Emily Mae Smith is a visual artist based in NYC, hailing from Austin, Texas. Her genre-defying practice challenges the traditional codes of painting, and she journeys through art history and pop cultural influences to create works that probs and decode subjects of gender, sexuality, capitalism and violence.


POLLY MORGAN Polly Morgan creates sculptures that subvert and dismantle taxidermy traditions. Taught under the tutelage of Scottish taxidermist George Jamieson, her art places animals in unexpected and surreal set-ups, playing with juxtaposition and contrast to challenge viewers’ preconceptions and notions of beauty.


CHARLINE VON HEYL Charline von Heyl is, in some ways, a sort of quasi-anthropologist who mines the world around her for aesthetically alluring objects and images to feed into her work. In faces, raindrops, bottles, telephones, leaves and stars, her unashamedly decorative symbols and signifiers pry open her paintings and make them porous to us as viewers.


MAX/MEI MAX/MEI is an artist duo hailing from Amsterdam. Marte Mei van Haaster and Max Daalhuizen, upon graduating from Rietveld, took a risk on a new adventure they embarked on together, creating the right circumstances for their artworks to take on a life of their own.