Words by Donna Salek



Scarabeo Desert Camp is a luxury night camp that places both its surrounding golden landscape and Moroccan tradition at its core.
The camp comprises fifteen tents for accommodation, each one offering a sense of modest opulence, with leading aesthetics of simplicity and stillness.

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Situated in the heart of the Agafay Desert, just 40km southwest of Marrakesh, the location is enriched by long-standing Berber heritage and culture. The desert’s rough, dry and rocky terrain is home to the Berber tribe – who refer to themselves as the Amazigh, or the ‘free people’.

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Known for their sincere hospitable nature and remarkable craftsmanship, these nomads have made onerous journeys under open skies for thousands of years. Born to move with their flocks, Amazighs see no appeal of living a settled life, and instead devote themselves to wandering the desert expanses with a sense of freedom and spirituality.

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